The History of Youth Ablaze

Youth Ablaze started in 1991 as a teen get together on a Friday night in the middle of February.  Pastor Roscoe saw the need to start bringing teens from other local small churches together for fellowship.  His burden was to help other teens realize that they weren't alone in this world and it was ok to Love and Serve God.  The first Youth Ablaze saw about 75 teens gather together.  We went bowling and had pizza and  Pastor Jim Cunningham from Niagara Falls, Canada was our first preacher.    Little did Pastor Roscoe know that this meeting in the middle of February was going to grow into what it is today.

In 1992 Youth Ablaze went from a one night meeting to a three day weekend.  We started services on Thursday night and went through till Saturday morning.  We also doubled in size from the previous year and saw almost 150 teenagers show up.  We went from meeting at The Grace Covenant Church which held 250 (which we packed well over 400 in) to Parmater Hall at Pearce Memorial Church.  We meet at Parmater Hall for a couple of years  until we out grew that facility also.  In 1995 Roberts Wesleyan College broke ground on an $8 million dollar state of the art Performing Art Center and in 1998 we moved into that facility. We saw many teenagers come to know Jesus as their Savior and saw many hearts turn back to God.   We also had Pastor Danny Castle from Marion, NC as our main preacher until 1998.

In 1999 Pastor Roscoe asked Pastor Eddie Wyatt of Villa Rica, GA to become our main preacher for Youth Ablaze and he has become a close friend to many a teenagers and Pastors that attend Youth Ablaze.  Over the years we have had many mystery preachers come through and preach.  We have had Bro. Tony Hutson, Bro. Doug Fisher, Bro. Kenny Baldwin, Bro. Mike Johnson, Bro. Eric Capaci, Bro. Tom Bish, Bro. Larry Brown, Bro. Jonathan McNeese, Bro. Joe Arthur, Bro. Jon Jenkins, Bro. Tony Shirley and last year Bro. Charlie Clark III.  This year we are looking forward to hear from Bro. ____________.  He is an excellent preacher and has preached all over the nation.

Every year Pastor Roscoe hands out the Flame Award.  This goes to Pastors, Youth Pastors and Laypeople who have diligently served the Lord over the years.

Over the last 25 years we have see 1000s of teenagers attend and many teenagers give their lives to Christ, turned back to God or have strengthened their walk with the Lord.  People come from far and wide to attend this event.

 Chili Bible Baptist Church is honored to host this event and we pray that you will receive a blessing from the singing, preaching and fellowship.

We would be love for you show up for our 25th anniversary.  Hope to see you there.


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